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HitechBeat Revolution

As of today many of the industrial machinery can be controlled and viewed locally only. With the development  of new communication technologies, the way you use the functionality of a machine has changed. With the HitechBeat Technology you can obtain real-time data and historical feature to control and view a specific machinery. In addition, according to the communication bandwidth can be monitor and control, for example a pump located in Africa while your office is in New York.
With this technology you can have an accurate failure statistics, which pump stops, for how long, and specially the reason of the failure, according to the diagnostic data of the pump, you can even have the frequency and times of what is the piece that breaks more.

How does it work?


In this way we have more equipments in operation and a server that manages all the data. Clients are connected via ModBus (or with another driver) with the equipment (pump, motor, etc) and fetches the data via an OPC Server. The software HitechBeat intercepts the data and based on the configuration of the historic (see other capabilities of the HTB historian) sends data to the main server. In the main Server we will have all available data of all machinery connected with clients and will be the engine for the management of the HMI pages, to check and control the various sites. Clearly there must be a two-way communication between the client and the server.


 This option is equal to the previous one but both the software HiTechBeat that the server will be installed in a single workstation.

Communication Type

The HitechBeat Software works with all types of communication via the TCP / IP protocol. So the kind of communication either Internet or satellite or UMTS/3G does not matter. The only important thing is to support the TCP / IP protocol.

Have The World In your Pocket without any problems

In the last period the most used means to communicate is the smartphone. With the software HitechBeat we can check the status of an equipment in real time, is enough just to have a new generation mobile (Iphone, Android) and connect to the pages created according to customers requirement. Of course you can check the status of an installation on smartphones and on your home computer. Being sensitive data, access will be limited by certificate.

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