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To communicate with industrial plants we need a communication standard. Thanks to this standard we can "communicate" with our equipment (pumps, motors, etc.) to control or to have the status of a machine.

The images below are related to a type of multi-site configuration with redundant servers and satellite connection (see image on left). The other image and the graphic representation of the type of collaboration with our client)

Remote HMI

Historian HiTechBeat

Historical data are very important to analyze the process, the performance, the realiability and to rectify malfunctions over the time. The purpose of this product is to create a specific tool and very reliable where in addition to save the data and to get access to see them anywhere via any web server without any restriction of a specific operating system. The special feature of this product is that the data transferred via satellite from one field to the main server occupy a very low transmission bandwidth. By testing other product we realized that the kb transferred from one field to the server were excessive. Our product saves satellite bandwidth by up to 50%. Another key feature of this product is the security of having the historical data even when there is a sudden disconnection of the satellite network between a field and the server. The program recognizes that there is a failure on the connection of the satellite network, and instead of sending the data to the main server, creates a kind of local backup (the local machine has a recording time of several weeks) and, when  the satellite connection is restored the software automatically downloads all of the previously recorded data locally.

Some numbers about the Historical data:
Data can be taken at every 100ms. So at every Tags can take in 24 hours._
A few examples:_1000ms = 1 second (taken 10 values​​)_60000ms = 1 minute (values ​​taken 600000) 60000x 10 = 600000 values_Percentage Error or failure data took 0,015%

Easy Web specifications

Easy and Secure, Easy navigation and secure data transfer from server to server by VPN.
Secure access available for Customer, access by 2048 Bit certificate SSL
Real Time Data update every 5 seconds for main signals
Real time Graphs update every 5 seconds
Graphs for each signals of Historical data, with navigation bar options
Possible Download of Historical data

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